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Broadening the Knowledge-base through Comprehensive On-line Resources.

Our goal is to bring you the parent/caregiver, family member, or person with a disability information on resources as quickly and accurately as possible.
Please click here to access our ever growing online library of resources.

Promoting Independence.

Independence is strongly related and reinforced by self-determination and a steely-eyed advocacy approach to help parents/caregivers, family members, and persons with disability to live an independent life of quality. Click here to learn how you can be part of this and gain greater skills for independence and self-determination.

Connecting Individuals with Disabilities to the Internet and the World.

Our strong belief is that the more people are connected to caring others, and in turn able to care for others, the more quality in life a person has. Our goal is to link you to others, to gain from their strengths, and to support others with yours. Please look at our News & Events, Blogs, Calendar, and Resources to arm yourself with knowledge and the skills to promote yourself and others. Do not hesitate to contact our Resource Specialists.